Can't remember: How to install NU6 without DVD drive?

I have a somewhat old Macbook Air without any drives that I need instantly as a temporary replacement for my busted main DAW. :stuck_out_tongue: … The download pages tells me that I can only download an update, not an actual installation file:


… what am I supposed to do? Especially when I don’t have access to the “original DVD”, just my registration data and my eLicenser … 8-/

You should be able download the installer after you logged into your Steinberg account.


I’m either too silly or too old (or both). :neutral_face:

There are myriads of things to see and change in “My Steinberg”, but no downloadable installers for NU6 (except for the aforementioned “updates”).

Anyway, my main DAW is working again (… a big Thank You to Peter Moritz for my system integrator POM TEC ->, and I REALLY hope that I don’t need any more downloadable data from Steinberg in a hurry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Dietz,

After logging into My Steinberg the only available download for us is N7, N6 does not seem to be there. Since all our licenses are at N7 I suppose that’s why, not sure where I’d find N6 downloads.
Good luck,

It was also my belief that the users’ latest version is available in mySteinberg.
Of course, if you own a N7 license, then N6 will not be available.
But I Dietz’ case, if his latest is N6, then i think N6 should show up.