Can't remove duplicate programs

I seem to have two copies of every program in the Halion 6 MediaBay list - one apparently in my Documents folder (\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies) and one apparently in a folder/path that doesn’t exist!
If I delete the non-existent copies - select and hit delete key in Halion - they return at the first opportunity. (I spent ages doing this once!)
If I try to load a non-existent copy nothing happens.
I have searched everywhere I can think of for references to the non-existent folder/path. I have so far only found any in a Defaults.xml file in ‘Halion 6_64’ folder (although I’m running the standalone version). Nothing in the registry either.

Any ideas how I can remove these non-existent programs from the MediaBay??


If you saved presets with different versions of Halion then they may have saved in different locations causing 2 to show up. Have you tried rescanning the presets in Halion?