Can't "remove from list" in hub since upgrade to Elements 11

Hello. When I right-click a recent project in the Hub and click “Remove from list” in Elements 11 (Windows 10 20H2), nothing happens. It worked fine in my last version (Elements 10.0.3). The other three right-click functions work fine. Is this a bug, or am I somehow missing something here? Thanks!

I have the same issue now, after upgrading from Artist 10.5 to Pro 11. I can totally delete projects via Hub + then it disappears from the list, but not able just to remove project names from hub list.

momentary solution

I was able to eliminate them. He had changed the projects he no longer used to another folder; so when I put “open” I got the message that “the project is gone. Do you want to delete it from the list” and I put Yes, it deleted them. If it works for you, you can do it while they fix the bug


Since we’re speaking about that, if a way to remove them all at once could be implemented would be great. :grinning:

Same problem in Cubase 11 Pro

Same problem in Cubase Pro 11.