Can't remove leading hyphens

In this scenario where the hyphenated syllable is not at the start of the system, the Engraving Option for leading hyphens does not remove them:

I’m posting this to ask if I’m missing anything, and if not, if I could add this as a FR.

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It seems that the engraving setting for do not show works except when the note is tied over to the next system. I can see the logic in that but it’s a reasonable FR.

The only work around I could find is this:

  • Don’t tie the note from the previous line to the shown line
  • At the end of the syllable on the previous line don’t enter a standard hyphen, instead enter a space and a manual hyphen (Alt-dash).
  • Exit lyric entry mode
  • Enter the next syllable(s) (“ject- ed” in this case)
  • Tie the notes.

Definitely a feature request.