Can't remove rest

Happy New Year, and what in tarnation? I can’t remove the rest in the bass clef, downstem, at the end of the line.

And Can It Be_rest.dorico (554.3 KB)

Strange case. After I changed the half rest into eight rests they could be deleted.
And Can It Be_without_rest.dorico (542.2 KB)

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I’d be tempted to use regular rhythmic notes scaled to grace note (or possibly cue note) sized, rather than actual grace notes, for this kind of thing. For one thing, it would resolve the spacing issue you have between the half notes in the lower staff and the quarter note in the upper staff (though you would need to use an extra voice in the upper staff, of course).

Definitely, this was sent to me by a student who did the input, and I requested the same thing from her for future cases. :sunglasses: