Can't Remove, Select or otherwise manipulate audio track

I’m having a strange issue pop up that is likely a bug and thought I’d check the forums. I’m on Cubase Pro 9, Windows 10.

When I record an audio track, it defaults to select the final lane - cool. But I cannot select or delete any of the recorded tracks (except usually the final lane track) When I attempt to select a track, it puts a blank “track” over it (sorry, I don’t know the term for this box - but it’s like I drew the track in as a blank track). I can delete that blank track and then see the remaining tracks remain. The only way I can delete them is to delete the entire track and add a new track. It’s driving me crazy and doesn’t happen all the time. It will usually work for one round of recording, but if I then decide I want to start over (not uncommon for me) and delete all the tracks and try to record again, this problem pops up. It may pop up at other times too, but I cannot duplicate the problem as it seems random. If I close out and restart Cubase, it will work again for one recording or so, then stop working correctly again.

I begrudgingly reset my preferences to default which didn’t work.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts on correction? I’ve confirmed I have the latest release.

Hi and welcome,

Do you mean to dele a take? So you have multiple takes in the track, and you want to delete some of the takes?

Could you post a screenshot or video GIF, please?