Can't remove staves that just have rests?

Dorico seems only able to allow removal of a stave when notes are present to be selected. When just rests are present and selected, nothing happens.
I’ve got a two stave part and just wanna remove the lower stave. Seems a simple operation. I guess I haven’t yet found the simple solution.
I’m probably thinking about it the wrong way.
Could someone please enlighten me? Thanks.

So now I’ve tried a workaround to just add a note, in order to be able to select “remove staves” feature under Edit.
That worked: I could remove the staff.
But now, I’ve got a “ghost note” that’s playing but invisible (in any of the windows, even Play…). It’s on channel 11 “Electric Organ” (even though it sounds more like a contra-bass :laughing: ). It sounds right from the beginning; that’s the note I added in order to be able to delete the second staff for that part.
STINK (punk guitar lead sheet) (1.22 MB)

You should certainly find that you can remove a staff simply by selecting any item (note, rest or anything else) on that staff and choosing Edit > Staff > Remove Staff.

Perhaps the OP is referring to a layout in which bar rests are not displayed in empty staves? In that case, ostensibly there’s nothing to select.

I found myself too it not working with implicit rests sometimes.
I always create something (like a note), use remove rests, then extend the staff, delete the note and reduce the staff again