Can't remove unwanted tacet al fine

I’ve just started using Dorico SE and created a solo guitar project with 60 bars. I don’t know what command I’ve accidentally executed but now I have a ‘tacet al fine’ on all the remaining bars that I have not yet written notes into.
How do I get rid of the ‘tacet al fine’? I’ve tried deleting all remaining bars and then adding them back, but alas ‘tacet al fine’ reappears. I want the empty bars back, so I can continue inputting notes.

Melodiys, try switching to the Full Score, when you are in Write Mode.
If you use the Instrument Layout, then by default you will have the view where the rests are consolidated.

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Thank you! Simple solution which was less than intuitive :o(

this might be helpful, too: Hiding/Showing multi-bar rests