Can't remove unwanted tacet al fine

I’ve just started using Dorico SE and created a solo guitar project with 60 bars. I don’t know what command I’ve accidentally executed but now I have a ‘tacet al fine’ on all the remaining bars that I have not yet written notes into.
How do I get rid of the ‘tacet al fine’? I’ve tried deleting all remaining bars and then adding them back, but alas ‘tacet al fine’ reappears. I want the empty bars back, so I can continue inputting notes.

Melodiys, try switching to the Full Score, when you are in Write Mode.
If you use the Instrument Layout, then by default you will have the view where the rests are consolidated.

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Thank you! Simple solution which was less than intuitive :o(

this might be helpful, too: Hiding/Showing multi-bar rests

I too have been confused by this, as it seems to me as I start a piece, I’d want to generate bars to write into - and they’re immediately locked up into a tacet al fine! Is the only way to have multi-bar rests in a finished score, to have the layout option with them off while writing, and then turn multi-bar rests on when you’re done with input? It seems like ideally there’d be a way to input something at bar 20 without needing to turn off all multi-bar rests across the entire score, and then turn them back on again after adding the notes.

Use Galley View

It sounds like you are writing into a part layout rather than into the score? Any particular reason why? Or perhaps you have the score set to show multirests? If so, again, why?

There’s no real need to create empty bars, unless you are recording MIDI into them, as you add more notes, Dorico will add more bars.

Most of my notation work comes from a DAW first, sometimes it’s transcription based and I like to jump around to what I hear clearest first. So I’ll often want to start working on bar 53, for example. If I’ve imported midi, that might already be there, so no problem, but a transcription situation may not have a midi import to create a bar structure to begin with. I AM in the score, not a part layout though. I could totally understand having the multi-rests in the parts from the get go. I DO have the score set to show multi-rests, because there will also often be times where there’ll be 2 or even 30 bars of rests in the score. (I work in film, so we find ourselves with what would otherwise be strange, long pauses in the music).

So it seems to me I need to disable multirests in the score by default, and then at the end of the process turn that on again for each score? I could probably work out a key command or Keyboard Maestro command to do that.

By default score layouts have multi-rests off and part layouts have them on. I assigned keyboard shortcuts to Edit > Change Bar Consolidation > Multi-bar rests and > None.

Fine. So use Galley Mode as @Derrek suggested.

Ah! This means that at some point I thought I was being clever and turned on multi-rests on scores as the default (Which even in this thread I was still trying to maintain) because obviously I want multirests in the score when there’s going to be multiple measures of rest.

I’m changing the default to none, and then I’ll follow you with creating a key command for turning the multi-rests on so it’s just a single step at the end when I’m switching to engraving only. Thank you!