Can't Rename Audio After Bounced Selection

So I have recorded multiple takes of my vocals. Lets say the audio track is called “Vocals” and I have made a comp out of the best takes so then all the takes are titled like Take 1 (Vocals_01), Take 2 (Vocals_02) and so on.

Then I bounce the comp down and replace events leaving me with a single audio file of the best takes titled Take 1 (Vocals_01) or whatever but I cannot rename this file within Cubase. Whatever I change it to all that will change is the text within the brackets () so it will end up as Take 1 (new name) instead of just the new name.

Any idea what I need to do to change this? Apologies if I’m missing something glaringly obvious.

Did you loop your multiple takes, as in set markers and just left record on until all your tasks were done?

In that situation, I have found it awkward to deal with the files, because all the takes are, in fact, one large file, with each ‘take’ being only a reference to its segment of that file. That, of itself, might not be hard to deal with, but the file itself seems to defy manipulation in the Pool in the normal way.

I suggest bouncing to a NEW file, which you can then rename as you want.

You may actually be editing the clip description on the status line rather than the filename? In recent versions I’ve noticed that the default preference is to hide the filename in that status line, and I can’t quite remember how to show it again, maybe that button on the top left of the project window?? Anyway, you can also press Ctrl-F (Find file in Pool, I think that’s a default short-cut key) and edit the filename there too.


Hi there,

you can change the name of the file in the “Info Line”.


Ah yes Luis, it’s called the info line not the status line, my mistake. But I think I see what the problem is now…

The fields in the info line can be shown or hidden and you’re not showing the Description field (it is hidden by default). Right click on the info line and you can select what fields you see.

Now, the name that appears on a clip is ‘description (filename)’ but when they are the same then there’s no bracket portion. Therefore in your case they’re not the same, so change them to be same.


You might find this thread interesting:

Another great feature to have would be a proper navigation dialogue for bouncing which would allow users to name the export on the front end AND, choose the location, file type, and other parameters. Similar to the general export functionality.