Can't Render Multiple Outputs from VI

I’m using VPS Avenger.

There is drum sequence in the plug in I’d like to use, and it is triggered by simply holding one key on the instrument track.

I want the kick drum separate from the rest of the kit.

I’ve assigned the kick to it’s own output, and activated the main out (for the rest of the drums) and the KICK output in Cubase 10.5

I have separate Mixconsole faders now working properly for both sections.

When I go to render the instrument track, all I get is the stereo out with no kick.

I went to Render Settings and tried “Complete signal path” and that results in a stereo bounce (with the kick.)

But I can’t seem to get a separate kick audio file.

What am I doing wrong here?


render? do you talk about “render in place” ?

anyways. if I already have the track playing sepreatly and want to bounce it to wav I would go to “export -> audio mixdown” and pick “multiple” and pick the option to a import the track to your project when it’s done

Sure you can do that, but render in place is supposed to produce audio files from all outputs.

render in place will render your selected clips

so if the instrument just plays the audio but don’t have any midi in the sequencer windows it has nothing to trigger.

So I assume this instruments does it’s processing internally ? and that would be why it won’t render in place unless you put the midi in for it to trigger

Render in place will render the individual outputs when working properly. The midi is on the instrument track.