Can't Render or Save As in Wavelab LE8

I’m trying to add some Metadata to MP3 files in Wavelab LE8 (with Windows 10 64-Bit). I can add the meta data, but if I try to Save As, or render the files, nothing happens. Is this a limitation of the version of Wavelab, or is there a bug in the programme? Many thanks!

You should be able to:

page 81 and 84.

Nothing happens when you render? No error message and no MP3 made? You are selecting MP3 as file type and meta-data “specific to this configuration / edit”?

Are you using the latest version?

Hi, many thanks for your reply. That’s right, nothing happens when I render or Save As. No error message, no MP3 made. And yes, I am selecting MP3 as file type and meta-data “specific to this configuration”

and latest version? (sorry i added that after)

Just updated to the latest version, still not working…

I just noticed on page 81 of the manual, it says MP3 read only. If there a selection for MP3 in the render dialog that would be very strange.

Also this

I don’t think MP3 encoding is an option in LE, but I think it’s included in Elements now (since that thread). You could try an Elements trial.

But if you’re just opening MP3 files to add metadata, a tag editor would be better. Wavelab would always re-encode as MP3 which is never a good idea.

Thanks Bob! Somebody suggested this tag editor which looks pretty good: Mp3tag - Thanks for using Mp3tag

From what I understand, though, I need to burn / embed the IRSC into the file, rather than just tag? Will investigate the options in Elements as well. I’m also wondering about whether the file should be ID3 tagged? I’m not really sure how radio stations collect their IRSC data to report air-play (which is why I want to add the IRSCs)…

The only logical place to put the ISRC in an MP3 is the ID3 ISRC field, which I’m pretty sure is available in MP3tag. Although radio stations are going to do reporting however they do it whether you put an ISRC in there or not. It makes sense to put ISRC in Wav files and MP3 files in Wavelab if you’re rendering to Wav and MP3, but not if you’re opening existing MP3’s to add metadata. Then you get a double MP3 encode, that doesn’t happen with the tag editors.

afaik, Burn/embed doesn’t mean anything in files really. It’s all tagging. Wav does it in a BWF chunk and in ID3, and MP3 does it in ID3. Sometimes mastering makes wav files with the BWF ISRC, and down the line MP3s are made by the labels and distributors, Apple, Amazon from the mastering wavs. How and where they put the ISRC in the MP3s varies a lot, and afaik they usually don’t get the ISRC from the mastering wav anyway, but usually from the record label.

That’s really useful, thanks for all the info Bob. I’ve just upgraded to Elements 9, and will start from scratch with rendering my WAVs to MP3, adding the ISRCs into the ID3 field at the same time…

I think when people talk about burn/embed they’re probably talking about the BWF/BWAV ISRC that’s added to WAV files, not MP3, and is a standard. That can be done in Wavelab Pro or Sonoris ISRC Editor.

Not sure why they call it burn/embed because it can be modified, but they do.