Can't renew activation, licence missing in MySteinberg.Net

I’ve recently installed a fresh system on my mac, then I have installed Cubase LE 9.5, eLicencer which received a new number, and I was able to reactivate my Cubase licence, but I cannot get WaveLab working, does not listing it, it looks like if I never had a licence for WaveLab and I can’t reactivate it. But I’ve been using it for 2 years and even bought two upgrades (from Wavelab LE 7 to Wavelab Elements 10). The software (Cubase and Wavelab) came together with ZOOM H4N PRO device.

When I pasted the most recent activation code for Wavelab to Registration section in it informs that the code belonged to the licencer which is deprecated (the old one), when I put the code to the new licencer it says the code has been used, I need to reactivate it. It is circular and frustrating.

Does anyone know perhaps how to contact Steinberg via email, or any solution to this? Should I contact Zoom for the new Download Code for WaveLab? :confused:


Rather contact Steinberg support mentioning your Wavelab Elements licence, rather than the LE version.

I’d love to contact Stainberg but there’s no such possibility in on my account… when I click “submit the ticket” it redirects me to list of distributors…