Can't resize or anything about edit windows

Dear Cubase Pro10/WIN10 User, How can i solve this issue? (Can’t resize or anything about edit windows)
It so hard to work.

Thank for help.

Leave that window open (NOT always on top), but click “Window” in from the main menu at the top, then click “Windows…”, then select the window that’s not looking right, then click “Reset Layout”. The window will disappear, but when you reopen it, everything will be as it should be.

As far as I can tell you only need to do this once per project, not for every affected channel.

And Steinberg is calling this now a feature and not a bug. The locked Windows will soon become one of THE top new features in Cubase 10! :roll_eyes:

Thank you, I solve w/ “Reset Channel Setting Window”.

Can’t believe this is still happening.

Feels like Windows and Cubase GUIs will never be seamless.
It’s 2019 and we’re still dealing with GUI issues…wow.

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So, I cannot resize Cubase 10.5 main window so that I can have other apps running visually beside the Cubase production. What? It’s 2020… come on guys, this is nuts. It cannot be rocket science to allow resizing of the main Cubase shell. I will not invest more into Cubase if this cannot be resolved.

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