Can't Resize Track Window (Small or Narrow Enough)

I hope explain my problem.
When I look at the track window, with all of my tracks (both Audio and MIDI) - the Left ot Right “size”, or if you will the width of track window is limited or somewhat fixed.

My track window shows ONLY 129 measure… and I want to move around in the track window to say measure 138 (to add some chords in the chord track) :::: but I can’t get there?

I can not expand the track window left to right, or if you will… the width of the track window.

If I put the cursor at the last measure (about 129)… and then hit play, it “seems” that it’s still moving or going somewhere… but I can’t see where.

H E L P!!

I suppose that I have some setting messing up the view of (what I call) the track window.

Any Thoughts?

Hi… I “think” I fixed it.

I went in the main menu, Project → Project Setup. In the dialog window I increased the project to 12 minutes. BAM!! The track window width (left to right size) magically expanded.