Can't resolve missing audio files

Cubase 13 Pro, MacBook M2.
Half of my audio files are suddenly missing from the project. The respective parts in the Project window (and media items in the Pool) are empty. They audio files are all intact in the Audio and Mixdown folders but ‘Browse for File’ or ‘Browse for Folder’ refuse to see them. They’re grey so I can’t choose them. Why does this happen? And is there any less tedious way to solve this than to bring the sound files manually in the Project window, one by one?


Are you sure these files you see, are WAV (or FLAC)?

Could you inspect the files in the Finder/Windows Explorer?

Yes, they’re WAVs and I can play them in the Finder.


Could you attach a screenshot, from the “Browse for File” or the “Browse for Folder” window, please?