Can't resurrect SpectralLayers after minimizing it

Not a showstopper or much of an issue but I thought it’s not a feature either so:

After minimizing SpectralLayers I can’t get it up on the screen again. Now as per my other issue I have a new screen but that can’t have anything to do with it, right?
I’ve tried WinKey+M to minimize all programs and then resurrect SpectralLayers as if that would make any difference to the computer hardware other than a warm and cozy feeling of trying something very nice for me as a human. I think I tried a few more things but they were all just as cozy and ineffective.

Workaround: Don’t minimize SpectralLayers. Apart from that it’s a spectracular program and it makes some unique stunts possible so don’t think I don’t like it!!! But an issue is an issue.

Anyone else has this?

Bottom line is once SpectralLayers is off the screen after hitting the minimize button on the top right … it’s gone, but it keeps playing!

I can’t repro, would you be able to do a video capture of the issue ?

Well, it would be a video with SL on screen and a mouse pointer clicking on the minimize button and my desktop appearing. Then the mouse pointer would click on the taskbar icon and nothing will happen. I’m not sure you have much of a use for that? :rofl:
As I said it’s no showstopper what so ever and I also thought about what would happen if it’s just something that happens on my system. If I’m the only one I have no problem with just avoid minimizing the program. I guess the reason I even discovered this is when trouble shooting the previous screen issue I had and I very rarely minimize programs.
It’s just not worth the effort at this point so take a walk in the sun and buy an ice cream instead! :sunglasses:

Ah, well it turns out I just took a walk in sunny Paris this morning and had an ice cream at lunch !
Regarding your issue, do you have multiple screens ? If so, could be worth testing if it only happens on this screen or all screens (before you minimize SL).

I’ve used SL7 and SL8 and never had a minimalization problem. It makes me think this particular problem is with Windows and not the program, maybe the result some sort of hidden display feature that got activated accidentally.

this i also wanted to report, quite problematic. multi-screen setup, on windows 10, 3 screens…

EDIT: i discover no way to resurrect spectraLayers in this case, so i must stop it…

Not of much help, but I use Win10 with 3 screens (too cheap to buy one big one) and I dont have any issue with minimizing and enlarging SpectraLayers 8 pro on any of the screens, in standalone or with a DAW. I am currently on the latest 2021-07 cumulative Update for Win10 Version 21H1 (KB5004237).

Admit it! You’re only here for the ice cream? :rofl:

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the problem occurs in my case; when you again use maximaze… i can’t get SpectraLayers out of minimalization in that case.

workaround don’t use maximaze, and use F11 to go full screen again…

windows 10 21H1, latest updates, Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb, with 3 screens attached.

same here!

Thanks for the details, I’ll do some more testing.

Yep same here , after hitting the min button that’s it , you have to close to program and reopen

Ive posted in the Cubase section about issues ive been having with SL one and SL8 Elements.
Huge screen issues (only using a single screen system ).
It seems to be only effecting CB 11.0.30. Ive had to go back to 11.0.20, which fixes all the problems, although obviously means I’m not getting any of the current bug fixes.
Turning off HiDPI is a work around for new files, but not any project that already has SL in use.
Again, this is not an ideal workaround as I’m using a 4k monitor.

Hoping this gets fixed soon, and not as part of CB 11.50 which i guess will be chargeable.

@Davebass5 There will be a free patch for Cubase 11 fixing this issue.

I have a related, but more serious issue. I’m using SpectralLayers 8 in ARA mode inside Nuendo 11.0.30 (should be the same for Cubase), on a 5k (5120 x 2880) monitor, Windows 10, Scaled in Windows Display settings to 225%.

Nuendo renders beautifully at first, but opening SpectalLayers causes odd UI drawing behavior all over Nuendo and SpectralLayers. The odd behavior could be described as parts of the UI being redrawn in the wrong place and doesn’t return to normal unless I restart Nuendo. For instance, if I hover my mouse over the toolbar at the top of Nuendo, tools are redrawn underneath that don’t belong there. If I pop-out the SpectralLayers editor, it opens a window that is much wider than my display (by maybe 2x). If I close the window, I can’t get it back.

This odd behavior also happens with Melodyne in ARA too.

I’m a software engineer- and only guessing, but it seems like there’s a bug calculating draw coordinates for rendering ARA window content on Windows 10 when using large monitors and HiDpi.

None of this happens, if I turn off HiDpi on Windows before launching Nuendo.

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@novatago Yes, that’s an issue with Cubase and Nuendo 11.0.30. It will be fixed with 11.0.40 (if you’re in the Cubase/Nuendo beta program, you can already access it).
Meanwhile you can revert back to Nuendo 11.0.20 as a workaround.

Thanks @Robin_Lobel , downgrading to Nuendo 11.0.20 fixed the issue.