Can't Route FX Channels To Groups

The post title says it all…

  1. Create a project with an FX channel or two.
  2. Create a couple of Group Channels.
  3. Select output routing options for FX channels
  4. The ‘Groups’ heading appears in the list, but not the Groups channels themselves.

(Tested and confirmed on new project with C Pro 8, OSX 10.9.4)

be sure that non of the fx channels has set sends (active or inactive)!
delete all sends of the fx channels and you’ll be able to route them into groups

Shouldn’t need to do anything like that. The Groups have no active sends so there’s no feedback loop. Any track should be routable to a bus (Group). Eg I might want snare top and bottom to send different ammounts to a dedicated snare reverb FX channel and route all three tracks (top, bottom, reverb) to a snare Group bus and send that to a Drums Group bus. I can’t. But could in previous versions.

Erm… this was very definitely an ‘issue’ not a ‘feature request’. Why has it been moved here? This is just plain wrong behaviour, not a ‘nice to have’.

I have no idea the specifics, but using my amazing powers of mind-control:

This is on my Annual List… if you search through my never-ending F/R list.

Basically,from SB’s POV it is not a ‘bug’. What it -is- is that your routing would’ve created an invalid feedback loop. So what Cubase does is hide such possibilities.

What it -should- do is

  1. VISUALLY indicate invalid routes (perhaps by graying out various options) or…

  2. Allow no limits BUT give the user a nasty warning message when they try to do it.

Now… -occasionally- I’ve removed all possible offenses and even still I’m prevented… which may be a bug. But always, saving/closing/re-starting has eliminated the er, ‘issue’.

I’m sure the check is in the mail on this one. :smiley: