Can't run Cubase 11 Pro trial

I can’t run Cubase 11 Pro trial, although I have already installed the app and activated the license in Download Manager. A message ‘No valid license found’ pops up every time I double click the app icon. There is a Cubase Pro 11 Trial license on the list of licenses (in eLicenser Control Center) with the foillowing description: "License Usage Period not started yet, Expiration Date…’

Cubase Pro 11 Trial, Win 10/64 bit.

You need to click “Start Usage Period”.
BTW, you need a USB eLicenser for the Pro Trial…

Same for me i cant activat my e licenser sayng i need plug usb

Thanks, jaslan! I do have a USB dobgle. I just could not figure out where to find this ‘Start Usage Period’ button. If memory serves, in previous versions you would press the ‘authorize’ button and at the next step you would be asked to start the ‘trial period’ - all the steps within one dialogue. Now you are given 2 different codes and have to choose this ‘Start Usage Period’ item from the menu of eLicenser Control Center…

Yes, you must connect a USB eLicenser for any Pro version (Pro trial versions included). You could try Elements if you don’t have a USB dongle.