can't run my older version of cubase

hi people

My name is Nir and i recently upgraded from cubase6 to cubase 8.5.
i am workin with 2 computers. my main working station is on a laptop running window 10 and my other station (wich i use for mastering) is a regular computer running windows xp (i’m using the xp because it’s the only one that allows me to work with my UAD-1 cards).
now both version of cubase are running proparly on my laptop. the problem i have is on the big computer:
i cannot install cubase 8 on this computer because of the old vresion of windows and when i try to open cubase6 it won’t open because of the E-licenser (when i try to update the data it says that the database is out of date).
i don’t need to install cubase 8.5 on the big computer i want to run cubase6 but it doesn’t open.
what can i do?