Can't safe changes in Halion6 stand alone

I can’t safe anything. I get the message attached (unfortunately in german).

I would like to start Halion6 with a certain preset of loaded instruments. How is this possible?

Saving and recalling anything in Halion is a challenge! I was working on an Instrument lately and created a very work intense layout in the Macro Designer. When I was done, all I tried to do is save the complete program, including samples together with the Macro Designer Layout… For some reason I could not save my Macro Design (button was none-reactive) and saving the program did not save the Macro Design. No idea why…

Saving stuff in Halion can sometimes be a challenge.

Is anybody of the developers in that forum, who can tell me what’s wrong?
Hallion6 is not a cheap app and I think it should have some kind of support…