Can't "Save as default preset" in Channel Settings anymore

Hi everyone, I’ve been having this annoying issue since Cubase 9, and it’s still persisting in Cubase 9.5 even after a clean reformat and install of windows 10.

I used to be able to load up my Channel Settings and set a low cut filter with a slope of 24 db (instead of the default 12db and then “Save as default preset”. So everytime I load a new audio or instrument channel I could quickly do my low cuts without having to go change the slope settings in the menu each time.

However, now after saving it as the default preset, everytime I load a new channel it reverts back to the stock standard one. I’ve tried over-writing the default preset and I’ve also saved my settings under a new name, then setting it as the default preset but still no luck.

This never used to be an issue. Perhaps I’m over-looking something or is this just a little bug that sneaked in? I’ve included a screenshot for reference.

Thank you,

It’s probably not working because you are saving an equalizer preset (default)

Go to to channel strip tab and save the pre filter preset default there. Its an autohide tab and does not appear till you hover over it. (position the mouse to the right of ‘pre’)

Ah, I see and thank you so much. Although now there is a new problem.

It only saves it for the audio tracks. Doesn’t work on Instrument tracks or sampler tracks. I’m guessing I’m back daft and overlooking something else again…