Can't save as mp3

Of course I can, but don’t know how.

I’m not going to paste it here on public forum, and I can’t write a PM as a new member of forum. e-mail maybe?


I have exactly the same issue as Gonz above.

Purchased MP3 upgrade, successfully installed - license OK, go to File, Save As MPEG-1 Layer 3 MP3 (which wasn’t an option I had before) - OK, but then on the dialog window behind this which is now revealed, the Output Format is what it was before (in my case OSQ) and selecting the drop down list Factory Presets, etc. does not list an MP3 format.

I did notice the MP3 installer installed a 32 and 64-bit version to the C: drive which I had no control over, yet my WaveLab LE 8 I installed on D: :frowning:

Main difference - in opposite to Hackencrasch I still don’t have MPEG option in save or render menu.

I’ve been dealing with this issue for what seems to be forever. I’ve sent PMs with the requested information (to solve the problem) and all these messages magically disappear somehow. This is a ridiculously frustrating situation. The upgrade was only $15.99 US, but It’s very annoying. Not only that the upgrade stupidly complicated, but that the forum loses records of all the PMs.

I bought this upgrade to save MP3’s - the upgrade doesn’t work - can I have my money back please?


After testing Wavelab LE8 version (8.0.3) on both Windows 7 and OSX 10.9 Mavericks, I have found that Wavelab LE 8 does not currently support the Mp3 Upgrade Patch. However if you purchased from the shop account the list of Steinberg compatible software never includes Wavelab (LE), it only mentions Wavelab Elements. I do understand the confusion but if you need that list you can find it here.

I have opened an mp3, spent hours editing and now can’t save, will not allow me to save as WAV either - is this the same problem? Have I lost all my work unless I upgrade (which doesn’t appear to work for others anyway). Happy to have it as WAV, just want to save my work!

Hello RWimborne,

Although the Mp3 upgrade patch does not work in Wavelab LE, the .wav format is usable. If you imported an Mp3, you must convert the mp3 to the sample rate of the session before it will allow you to export. Before I give you more detailed instructions. I need to know the following for your system.

  1. What operating system are you running? (PC: Start>Computer, right click to select Properties) (Mac: Go to Apple Icon>About this Mac)

  2. Are you running Wavelab LE7 or LE8 and what build version?

This is important to know in providing you a more accurate response.

Just want to clarify regarding Wavelab LE8. If I want to save mp3, I must upgrade to Wavelab Elements and also purchase the mp3 upgrade patch? Is that correct?


Hello Sandi,

In my findings yes that is the case or you can purchase Wavelab 8.5 (full) which comes with the Mp3 Upgrade Patch in the purchase.

i have been rendering as .mp3 LE8 for over a year
and now suddenly i can’t


Hello Dave,

Wavelab LE8 does not support the Mp3 Upgrade Patch. Are you sure you didn’t have Wavelab LE7 or Elements 7 or 8 installed? Wavelab Elements 7 and 8 included a 30 day trial of the Mp3 Encoder Patch. If that is the case you would need to purchase the patch. You can access it from our online shop at the following link.

never had those
i got le8 as a free offer i think for students but can’t remember @18months ago
i reinstalled on this macbook pro in july 2014 after upgrading HDD
until a few weeks ago i was happily rendering as mp3


can anyone explain this?
all my tracks on soundcloud have been rendered as .mp3 using wavelab LE8.0.2 build 675 - 64bit
with no upgrade patch
.mp3 was chosen from the encoded dropdown
the last one was uploaded on October 28 2014
so was rendered on that date


well what a crap piece of kit
even the manufacturers don’t know what it does and does not


I have paid and downloaded “Steinberg MP3 extension” which according to the list given above for compatability is supposed to work with my Cubase 6.5 but it still doesn’t.

When I click on the application it seems to run and a dialogue box briefly appears and then disappears. This happens whether or not I am logged into cubase. Has it been installed somewhere else?

There is no MP3 option on audio mixdown just the box at the bottom to upload to soundcloud.

I don’t have waveLab but nowhere does it say in the compatability list that I need wavelab if I have Cubase 6.5.

I would be grateful for any help provided.

Hello Mrmrholmes,

If you have installed Cubase 6.5 (the full version) you shouldn’t need the Mp3 patch because the ability to export in MPEG1 Layer 3 if already available to you under File>Export>Audio Mixdown Window>Format>select MPEG 1 Layer 3.

If you don’t see this option under File, then please go to and under Support/Downloads make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Cubase 6.5.5

Why not just intsall itunes and convert your wav/aiff files to MP3 using that? That’s the way I do it - best of all it is free!

Had I known this I would have NOT paid for this upgrade. Have they fixed the 8LE MP3 issue yet?

Have they fixed this?>?? I cannot render to MP3. THis is crazY!