Can't save C5 project as template in C6

I have a project originally created in Cubase 5.5, based on one of my own Cubase 5 templates.

Then I installed Cubase 6 and continued working with and changing this project. Now I want to create a new template based on this project, but C6 does not allow me to do this. The save as template dialog refuses to save, and also does not allow to navigate between folders. I suspect C is confused because somehow the original file path of the template pf the project seems to be stored inside of the project file,

Is there a work-around to this? (Sjort of re-installing C5)

regards, Mikael

Bad things have happened to those who use previous version templates instead of making new from scratch.

You’ve got to trash your preferences. It will work as expected after you do that.

Hi rtorstrick,

thank you for your advice. How do I trash my preferences?

Regards, Mikael

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