Can't save: DCOM connection to program 'Synsopos.exe' failed.

Applikation ‘Dorico Elements 2’ hat den folgenden Fehler verursacht:

DCOM connection to program ‘Synsopos.exe’ failed.
Error:Der RPC-Server ist nicht verfügbar.

I use not Dorico Elements, but Dorico2 Pro, Licenser says everything is OK.

Dorico doesn’t let me save my project. I don’t want to loose all my work. Has anybody an idea what’s to do? I leave it open…

Thanks a lot, Peter

OK, no solution obviously, searched the forum…

All work is gone. After reinstalling eLicenser Software and restarting Dorico it seems I can save now.

  1. Either install ForeverSave (or similar) or train yourself to hit Cmd/Ctrl+S frequently - Dorico does not have an auto-backup feature.
  2. Forget about the term “Elements” in elicenser messages. There is only ONE Dorico application, and it runs either as Pro or as Elements dependent on which version is currently licensed. When the eLicenser can’t find a Pro license it sometimes assumes you own Elements.

I’m really sorry you lost some work, Peter. I recommend you save your work, quit, and then run the maintenance steps in eLicenser Control Center to see if it detects any problems with your Soft-eLicenser.

Same issue here…3 computers later,new hard drives,new fresh Windows 7 Pro x64 OS,full Windows updates and days later,one computer sort of runs with PRODUCTION feature crashing…have not tested anything else as I have wasted my life fixing all this stuff.Back hurts and sick of this chair.
Is there a solution to these issues because I am no longer willing to sacrifice my body to becoming a Hemorrhoid / Pimple farm …lol.
Not gonna happen here !!
CTRL + ALT + DEL or what ?