Can't save (export) key commands from cubase 5 to 8

Hi Guys,
not sure what i’m doing wrong here?
I’ve just upgraded to cubase 8 pro and all my key commands are gone.
SO… i opened cubase 5, saved my key commands as my name joey.
Saving joey key commands.png
It shows up in the list of key command presets so i assume its stored.
List of key command presets.png
Then i go to applications/cubase 5/show package contents/presets/key commands…but alas there is only the default cubase key command presets. EG. clear all.xml, cubase classics.xml, default.xml, Logic key commands.xml, protools key commands.xml, sonar key commands.xml and so on…there is 8 of them.
But no where can i see the joey.xml…?
Cubase default key commands presets.png
I looked in the package contents for cubase 8, and its the same thing, only the 8 default presets.

When you save your key commands, it doesn’t give you the option of saving the file to the desktop, so when you open the new version of cubase 8 and go to key commands you can click the open folder and import key commands preset button…
Where does cubase 5 & 8 store the user saved key commands presets? I need to be able to find where it saved the joey.xml, so that i can open cubase 8 and import that file to its key commands presets list!!
Please help… this slows down my workflow and i don’t have time to reprogram ALL of my personal key commands again…
Joey :frowning:

I just copy .xml file from
c:\Users\Ndrew\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 5\Presets\KeyCommands
c:\Users\Ndrew\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 8\Presets\KeyCommands
(folder AppData is hidden)
and select them in preserts list of dialog box “Key commands”.

Now i’m trying trial version Cub 8 elements, but such “support” on the official sight very sads me and i doubt to buy this program. No one answered to him about half a year.

Same problem, all my KCs are gone. Steinberg has it turned a deaf ear to this problem. I’ve noticed from the beginning there was no proper way of exporting a KC in Cubase since Cubase 2.0. We had to go to a windows search (out of Cubase) to do so. Hey guys at Steinberg can you please make it easy to get our KCs out so that we can save it on Google Drive.

Thank you.