Can't save plugins preset settings in the edit window

When I attempt to save a preset in the edit window my computer completely stops working and WL freezes. I am using two FAB filter plugins. No problems on WL 9.5.5 or WL 10. Suggestions or ideas???

Please describe more precisely what you do here.

I do not get a “save as” window when I try and save a preset. WL just stops functioning and I have to push Command and Shift and Escape to get WL to exit. I can save in WL 9.5.5 and WL 10. Please let me know what else you need to know. Thanks in advance!

There are tons on presets in WaveLab. Which one do you mean?

I am mastering a track in the Edit window. I put two plugins in the plugin windows of the Edit window. I want to save those plugins so I can comeback to them later. So I chose “save as” in the plugin window but then everything freezes. I am using Windows 10 latest version.

I figured it out. The SAVE AS screen was off screen from my monitor. I am only using one monitor. How it got off screen is a mystery. Thanks for the help.

Not normal indeed. What is the size in pixel for this monitor?
Also, are you saving a preset from the plugin window, or from the Master Section window?

I am saving from the master plugin window.
My monitor is 2560 by 1080.
WL 11 is AMAZING!!! Thanks for taking the time to craft such a beautiful piece of software.

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I may have just noticed something similar when testing something in the Master Section. See attached, but don’t ask what I was testing :slight_smile: