Can't save presets (pattern banks, midi loops etc)

I can’t save any presets or similar anymore. After i pick save, the panel comes up and I enter a name and fill out what ever i need to and then hit ok or save, but nothing happens, the box just stays there and no file is created. I’ve had this issue once before and i believe the fix was to delete some file living in the media bay folder (im on a mac) but i can’t remember which one. Any help?


Can you search in your posts (threads you created) for the solution?

Hi Martin,

I’ve been through them and unfortunately I can’t see anything related to this, however I’m sure I’ve had this issue before and can’t imagine where else I would have asked the question. Tried a general search as well but didn’t find anything quite the same


If the window would disappear, I would guess it’s a permission issue (the file cannot be created). But as the window remains visible…

Have you tried to press Enter instead of clicking the OK button?

Have you tried to run Cubase in the Safe Start Mode and disable the preferences? Our even to rename/remove the whole preferences folder?

Have tried enter instead of clicking but have not tried safe mode, something about that scares me a bit. I have a trial of Nuendo on the same machine at the moment, would that be it? I swear last time I deleted a simple datavase type list file in the media bay, it’s one that gets rebuilt every time you open Cubase so wasn’t a problem. Can’t for the life of me remember what it was called and don’t want to start deleting random files obviously

FYI Martin, I actually did a complete reinstall of cubase (complete, deleted all preferences and app support folders etc) and the issue was not solved. I then installed again on a second user account (same mac) of which doesn’t have Nuendo running on it - this problem began as soon as i installed the Nuendo trial). so my guess is it’s something to do with that but given i’ve tried the most extreme solution to the issue i don;'t know what else i can do.


Could you please double-check the folder permissions? Do you have write permission on the folder, please?

Sure, What folders and where?


I was thinking, you could see the folder, where you store the presets. Or am I wrong?

I can’t from the plugin panel, I can’t do anything with it when its open, but I know where they are, Steinberg folder structure is a mess in my view, for example I could show you, McHD/Library/audio/plugins/presets or …/user/lib/app support/presets or user/documents/steinberg/cubase/groove agent/pattern banks etc. there’s so many of them its insane. Nonehelesss, shall we skip my complaining and assume you think I should check the folder permissions of the parent folder in those examples?

It should be noted, this second user account I made IS able to save presets and the like just like normal. So that leads me to assume it’s got to be something inside McHD/users/me/???

The other thing I thought about doing was a sync between the users account that works to the one that doesn’t just for those Steinberg folders and see what happens. Something tells me that could be a terrible idea but I can take a snap shot before I do it and just roll back if it goes really south. What do you think?

Found a solution here albeit for PC:

This suggests it was a bug which will be fixed, given teh time thats past since, is this a new bug or still happening? my next step iOS to do a complete reinstall of the system which id’ like to avoid obviously

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