Cant save project on ipad

while i can save projects created on the ipad, if i import a project i created on my desktop (windows) , i am unable to successfully export that project once i am done with it. for example, if i try to export to dropbox, i get “couldn’t load file an error occured” if i try to save to files, i get a blank pop up that then quickly disappears.

How are you importing your existing project? Are you opening it from a cloud folder, e.g. iCloud Drive or DropBox or similar?

i am importing it from the files on the ipad.

How did you bring it across from your desktop machine?

I just copied the file

So it’s located in the Files app, in the Dorico folder, or in another folder in the Files app? When you close the project in Dorico, it does appear in the Hub, but it can’t be reopened? What if you then reopen it from the Files app once more: does it contain your changes?

No no no!!!

That is not at all what I said.

I’m sorry, Bernhard, I’m not clear what you mean by “export”. Are you manipulating the saved project in the Files app, or are you using the Share button on Dorico’s toolbar, or something else?

I am using the share control. My entire goal is to get my changes back to the desktop

Great, now I understand! When you click the Share button, what option are you choosing? I assume you’re choosing the “Dorico Project” option, but then where are you trying to send the project? Via AirDrop? Attaching to an email or message?

Do you have the option of using something like iCloud Drive or Dropbox? If so, you can put your project in that folder, and then open it directly from that location in either Dorico for iPad or on your desktop.

We are still not on the same page. I will put my developer hat on and create a proper test case for you

here are the steps:

  1. on your pc, create a new piano project.
    2.add a two octave c-major scale starting on c3
  2. save the project
  3. move the project to an icloud directory
  4. on the ipad, using the files app, move the project to the ipad itself
  5. open dorico on the ipad
    7.import the project
  6. make some changes.
    9 close that project, to force a save.
  7. open the project
  8. hit the share button
  9. select dorico project
  10. elect to save to files.
  11. at this point, i got a blank popup which then disappeared.

13. save to drop box
14. i got couldn’t load file, error.

do you have any further thoughts on this issue?

I’ve been trying to reproduce this problem as you describe it, and I’m unable to. What version of iPadOS are you running on your device? (I’m running iPadOS 15.5 on my iPad Air 4th gen.)


I am running os15.5 on an ipad pro 3rd generation.

My desktop is windows 10… latest build.

If you would find it useful, I could set up a zoom meeting and demonstrate the issue as I am able to reproduce it


Are you able to reproduce the problem with the Save to Files option failing to open the file picker, or at least causing the file picker to open and then immediately close again, under any other circumstances? If you simply create a new project in Dorico for iPad, then tap the Share button, and then choose Save to Files, does that work as expected?

Save to files shuts down immediately. Attached is the test file I created on the windows machine.

If you want to do a zoom meeting I would be available tomorrow morning

test_ipad_project.dorico (529 KB)

If you’re reproducing this behaviour with any project file, then I don’t think this has anything to do with the specific projects you’re creating. Are you able to move the file directly within the Files app?

I cannot reproduce this behavioir with a project file created on the ipad so I disagree.

OK, thanks. I will ask my colleagues in our testing team if they are able to reproduce the behaviour that you are seeing.