Can't Save Projects or Presets While Connected

Just started trying out Connect. We’re not recording but using Connect for writing and mix ideas. We both use Cubase 7.5 so it varies on who has Cubase running the session. But we are both having the same problem…Cubase doesn’t want to save the project or plugin/instrument presets while connected. You get to the save dialog, hit Save and it just sits there. You have to cancel, logout, then save, get new login numbers, and connect again. A cumbersome workaround. Anyone else experience this?

Another glitch is that when opening VST Connect Performer it always changes my audio card to 44.1. Initially there’s lots of pop ups about sample rate mismatch until you calm it down. No way to change this default as far as I can see.


We will check this, haven’t heard about this yet. Sometimes a “hidden” dialog is open that prevents other modal actions to function properly. Have a look at the taskbar or dock to see if another window (dialog) is open that wants your attention?

Sample rates have to match on both ends, we don’t do realtime conversion deliberately because it degrades audio quality.
The Performer sample rate is set to match the Cubase/Nuendo rate automatically as soon as a connection is established. In some rare cases the Performers’ hardware refuses to be set to a different rate, then the Performer must set it manually.
If this doesn’t help, pls let us know more about your systems (Mac/PC, Interface hardware).

Sorry about the system info. Both are MacOS. Mine is 10.7.5, my partner’s the same I believe. I’m using an RME Babyface, the other an RME Fireface.

On the Save issue here’s the sequence…

We’re working on a song, do a few changes want to save. I do “Save As” to create a new version. The save dialog opens, I type in the name and hit Save/Return/Enter, and nothing happens. I tried several times, even gave it 45 seconds or so and nothing. When you cancel the save it takes a couple seconds to cut loose. Also if instead I simply hit Command+S (Save), you think it saved but it actually didn’t. You can easily tell by the date/time on the version you thought you saved over. If I logout, then it saves, no problem. Saving presets is the same thing…it looks like you’re saving but when you try to load that preset later, it’s not in the list. If my partner is the one running Cubase, he’s getting the same thing.
On the sample rate issue…

I can open my Fireface USB Settings and see it’s set to 48k 24bit. When I launch VST Connect Performer, I see it change my sample rate to 44.1. If I happen to have Cubase open (Connect Cue Mix and Connect SE not inserted) and running my 48k project, I get the different sample rate warnings within my system. If I click “Allow Different Rates” and reset my sample rate with Fireface USB Settings, it seems to take care of that.

What’s happening is that Connect Performer is pulling my sample rate down to 44.1. I didn’t realize it was doing this, so when I connected to my partner’s 48k Cubase project, he’d get the sample rate warnings. When I figured out what was happening, I would open Connect Performer, change my sample rate back to 48 then connect.

I tested leaving my changed rate at 44.1 and connecting. Sometimes that would automatically change my rate to 48k.

There’s no preference setting for sample rate in Connect Performer and apparently it defaults to 44.1


Thanks for your patience. We have been looking into both issues and found some problems with the mac versions. We’ll send you a PM to see if coming fixes solve your problems.