Can't save track GUI colours in user preferences

From memory in cubase 13.0.1 this was not an issue.
As of today I’ve discovered that when I change the default track colours in user preferences and save it to a user preference profile it doesn’t actually save.
All the other settings seem to be ok.
But there seems to be no way get this to save and carry over… >

Has this always been the case?

Before drawing such conclusions you must test in Cubase Safe Mode

Never even would dare come on the forum without doing that first

What did you do exactly?

Trashed preferences to see if that changed anything which it didn’t.
The issue being say I change the Track, midi etc colours and save it under “cubase colour”
Then say I change them again and save it Under “Cubase mono”
If I switch between profiles everything will carry over normally except the track colours.
They remain as whatever they were last changed to, All the other colours eg loop brace, project background do change accordingly.

That’s not specific enough, not clear what that actually means.

Really? Cubase Profiles?
Do it like this: How to format a bug report

Years ago, I think it was clear enough. But not these days.

Recently I suggested Trash Preferences, and the user simply deleted preferences.xml.

When you Trash Preferences, do this:

  1. Copy everything inside the C13 Applications folder somewhere else…like your desktop. This is your safety back up.
  2. Delete EVERYTHING inside the Cubase13 Applications folder.
  3. If you have any prior versions of Cubase temporarily re-name them before re-starting Cubase to re-build.
  4. Re-start C13.

@steve did I leave anything out?
@Ontrei I’m not suggesting you did not do the above. But I’m saying these days too often users are not sure what that term means. And a lot of users forget to move or re-name prior versions.

Also, just curious if you tested Save Marked Preferences and check results?

In my view, users should only use:

  • the options in the Safe Mode dialog
  • Removing the Entire User Settings Data Folder

Otherwise it is impossible to help, because the info is incomplete.

Also, we should use the exact and correct terminology, and also include the OS in use.

E.g., @Greg_Purkey what exactly is the Applications folder?

This is the same process I do ever since Martin asked me when I had an issue first joining the forum.
I treat this process like force resetting a iPhone.
If I haven’t tried at least doing it first it just creates more clicks for the mods
Sorry if the words didn’t convey that

Sorry. And yes, “everything inside applications folder” isn’t very clear.

cubase 66
Delete everything inside the Cubase 13_64.
Once re-started, Cubase will “re-build” the fresh content there. And don’t forget to re-name any other Cubase versions.

Good for all Windows OS’s as far as I know.