Can't save track pre-sets ( and the solution )

Hi All,

I searched for this issue, but didn’t find some threads, so excuse me if this is already a known issue!!

Just lost some hours trying to solve the issue that I couldn’t create a multi track pre-set.
Tested to save single track presets…, result some could (they appear in the media browser after creation), and some couldn’t (well they were created on the disk, but didn’t appear in the media browser???)
Long testing what the heck could be the problem and it turned out that another minor bug is causing this!
When I render vst tracks, I always have this stupid auto generated tekst in my notepad:

text copied from rendered track track:
text copied from rendered track track:

(and other variations of these nice messages :wink:)

Although really annoying on itself, it appeared that tracks with these auto-generated notes, will NOT be able to generate a proper usable track pre-set!!! (and if they appear in a multi-selection…, of course no multi track pre-set is possible )

So the solution is to delete all this auto-generated text in the notepad for the track, and the problem is solved!
Good to know :imp: :imp: