Can't Save VST3 Plug-In Presets

No problem. I can’t recall how I figured it out but I think it’s just one of those quirks that I just got used to, but could clearly be made better. You’re not the first person that I’ve helped figure it out.

WaveLab Pro 9.5_2021-11-12-090652_users-Mac-Pro.crash.crash (97.0 KB)
Hi PG. I’ve uploaded a crash report. Can you give me some insight.

The crash happens inside a plugin called kuassa EVE-AT1

Thanks for the heads up Sir.

So should I avoid this plug in in future to avoid this issue?

Normally the next step is to share the crash report with the plugin developer and see if they’ve tested their plugin in WaveLab specifically…not just Cubase.

WaveLab for whatever can be more sensitive to 3rd party plugins than Cubase but 9.5 out of 10 times, whatever the issue is must be handled by the plugin developer.

That begin said, I have a nice rotation of plugins that I can use daily that don’t crash WaveLab…

FabFilter, DMG, Plugin Alliance (the mastering specific ones anyway), Goodhertz, Soothe2, UAD, Sonnox, etc.

Yeah, I really love the PA stuff.

I obviously don’t use the amp simulators and all that but the few PA plugins I use regularly have been very stable in WaveLab in my experience.

They must have their framework dialed in well for VST3 which makes WaveLab happy.

Hi PG,

I was wondering if the Phase scope on the Record window could be re-instated? I remember at one stage it was there.
I found it in-valuable when mastering off tape and adjusting the azimuth.

I agree this would be welcome.

+1 That was very helpful indeed, I’d like to see it back too.

Hi Guys,
I notice that when I play a song that is cut into two sections, (and has different plug in settings) a click is created during playback. This click is not present in the rendered file, but I was wondering if there was a setting I was missing in the preferences to stop this during playback?