Can't scroll all the way to the right in Galley View

Hi guys,
For some reason, Dorico isn’t me letting scroll all the way to the right when in Galley View. Pic attached.

I found a post with a similar issue but it was on an older version of Dorico 4.

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This problem has been partially resolved — the issue was really more acute in Dorico 4.0, you can zoom out and reach the end of the flow that way…

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this is not completely resolved though…I just ran into this problem after selecting a big chunk of music and pressing r (there is a partial repeat in the piece). Since then I can’t scroll to the end of the document in galley view. for now I just created several empty flows at the end, but closing and re-opening dorico, resizing the window etc. did not work for now…any other known workarounds?

Press Z, then X. If you change the zoom, the window will re-calculate. Happens to me about every 5 minutes or so…

ahhhhhh!!! life saviour! thanks!!!