Can't Search Key Commands or type into text boxes -- MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1

Hey guys,


Restarting the computer solved all mentioned issues, yet I find it important to leave this here as other users may encounter these issues too:

When trying to search for key command in the search box “Search Command” I simply can not type anything and every key I press leads to actions on Cubase. Example when I try to type the letter “m”. all tracks get muted and no M is searched in the search box:

More information:
When I press the keyboard icon and change “Search Command” to “Press Key” mode - Then it works, the searchbox searches for the keys I’m typing.

So currently I can’t search any key commands. What’s the solution?

I’m not sure if it happened since starting using Cubase 13 initially or did it suddenly occur

Now I see I also can’t name new tracks upon creating them:
Again, can not type in the text box.



I’m having a similar issue. In the Key Commands window when I click the button for Press Key/Search Command and press Ctrl Opt Cmd P it will not take the stroke or display the assigned command but I see the Transport menu flash. Ctrl Opt P does the same thing

I can type in text fields without issue.

All 4 modifiers and P does work. Trying to recreate with other strokes, I found that all 4 modifiers and T also do not work and make the Edit menu flash.

I just updated to Sonoma and been using Cubase 13.0.20. I have most of the system keyboard shortcuts turned off and just re-checked for conflicts, I don’t see any conflicts in Keyboard Maestro either

I’m debugging Keyboard Maestro macros… that’s why I have to go find the corresponding keystroke to whatever is in the macro.