cant see added effect in the offline process history window

i added a delay to an audio file, but when I want to modify the effect using the offline process history window, it is empty. why?


Are you sure, the event where you apply the offline process is selected?

yes because am inside the event in the sample editor. Its strange, because it works on other tracks… Is it a bug maybe?

apparently the issue arises, when I star to cut the audio event into parts. When I add effects using the audio process feature, the offline process history window is empty. If I do not cut the audio into parts, the offline process history window shows the used plugins. Does anyone else have this problem?

So you first apply the offline process effect and then cut it? And then, you cannot see the plug-in in the offline process list? Do I understand it correct?

To test, when I can and not, I first imported an audio file. Then before cutting or anything, I double click and add a process effect. After adding the effect I open the offline process history window to see, if the effect is visible. It is visible. Then I press undo and go back to the project windows, select the scissor tool and make a cut and nothing else, not even delete the part. Just one cut. Then I double click on the event again and again add an effect and afterwards opening offline the process history window to make sure of, that the effect is visible, but now the window is blank. I tried different combinations like cutting and deleting parts and joining parts again to see, and I am honestly confused, what is going on, because sometimes it is working and sometimes not. sorry for not explaining better.


When you cut the event, then the 2nd (right) one is selected afterwords. Could this play a role?

what do you mean? I dont understand. Sorry