Can't see anything


I can’t see anything while using SpectraLayers as standalone or with ARA.

I have this problem only on my workstation (Windows 10), it works fine on my Mocbook Pro.

While opening as standalone, I can see the tools. After importing audio, nothing change visually :

  • I still have a wide grey space
  • I can read “No project opened” at the left bottom corner
  • but if I press play, it does read the imported sound !

I’m I alone in this case ?

It’s very likely because your graphic card is not DirectX11 capable (NVIDIA/AMD since 2010, Intel since 2012). A workaround is to use the OpenGL mode (go to Edit > Preferences > Display > Rendering API : OpenGL and restart SpectraLayers), which only requires an OpenGL 3.3 graphic card (NVIDIA/AMD since 2007, Intel since 2011).
If it still doesn’t work, try updating your graphic card drivers and let me know which model you have.

Thank you Robin!
It works with the settings you adviced :smiley: