Can't see Cubase 13 in Soft-eLicenser

Hi guys,
How do I see Cubase Artist 13 in my soft-eLicenser please?
Thank you

You will not see it in the eLicenser, it doesn’t use it anymore.

Since Cubase 12 the eLicenser is obsolete and replaced by Steinberg Licensing. To see and activate your license you now use the Activation Manager.

Thanks Juergen,
It says Activated but when I click the Cubase Pro icon, it says no license found. If I click dismiss, it open Cubase Pro Hub, and not Cubase Artist 13.


You also have a Cubase Pro Trial license available. That’s why. Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist are the same application (executable) and the higher one always starts. Just the license decides.

You can remove your Cubase Pro Trial license to start Cubase Artist or enjoy Cubase Pro for now. Once the Trial is out, Cubase will automatically start as Artist.

Hi Martin, thanks. How do I remove my Cubase Pro Trial license? Sorry for all the questions, but I’m a 1st timer.


I think, you can just click the Deactivate button.

Thanks for that, Martin. It worked!
Now to set up my Focusrite, etc. Cheers!