Cant See Effects Automation

When I R/Click on the track and select Show Used Automation (Selected Tracks), the volume automation pops up but cant find automation for Insert Effects.

How do I get the Insert Effects automation tracks to appear?
Also how do I get the Pan automation track to appear?


Other than volume which is always there the used automation will only show things already with data on them.

If you want to open a specific function without any existing data you can add another automation lane with the little plus button (hover left of the track list) and then select the automation function from the dropdown.

Possibly easier sometimes is to to push the write button in the relevant plugin or on the channel (for pan) and record some movement so there is data for show used automation to find. The automation function list for plugins can get very involved.

Sorry I’m not understanding where the “little plus” button is at the left side of the track list. I see the “+” at the top right of the track list, but that just shows the same list when I R/Click on a track.

This doesn’t work either… I click the "W"rite button, place the cursor where I want to bypass my EQ, click the bypass button then move to where I want then remove the bypass and nothing. EQ does not auto bypass or re-enable at the points I manually placed the playback cursor and NO EQ automation track.

Sorry for being such an 1d!0+, I’ve never needed to use the effect automation before.

Left click in the fiels that reads “volume” (for example in the Bass R(D) track and choose the parameter you want, then open the manual and check the chapter “automation”, - explains it all.

As I said you have to hover to get the button to appear. Bottom left of the coloured section. If you have track only showing then the arrow to open automation will show. If you already have volume automation showing then a plus sign appears to add another automation lane.

To record plugin automation you’ll have to move the control while the coontrol is playing

And as SvenniLenni is suggesting…if you’ve never done automation before reading the manual would probably be quicker than posting screenshots and waiting responses on a forum.

Grim, I’ve rtfm (f = fine) but the invisible “+” is not covered very well or I missed it.

As always, Grim, thank you very much for your assistance. Here’s how I’ve figured out how to just get the automation track to bypass the effect:

My trick for displaying a new automation lane is to record some automation by clicking W and randomly wiggling my desired control, then I hit a shortcut key for ‘Show All Automation’. Now I can easily see the new automation I just wrote and I can adjust it as I want it. Its usually easy to find amongst all the tracks.

There’s also an automation option for automatically showing the automation lane when any new automation is written, so this option can even save you using the Show All Automation function! I think this preference is found on the automation panel somewhere…


write press (w) and wiggle a knob. then right click the track and “show all used automation”