Can't see full fader/channel strip

Just started a brand new project and the lower part of my mix console is kind of “zoomed in”. That is to say, I can see the rack up top and about half of the fader section. I can’t scroll the window down to resize anything, and the mix console is full maximised. Any ideas? Tried relaunching Cubase - no joy!

There are areas throughout the program whereby double-arrows can be used to re-size areas of windows or “panes”.

To the right of the Tracklist in the project page is one such area.

As far as I know, this is a known bug in the MixConsole. You have to un-fullscreen and “always on top”, then toggle the channel strip to get it back. At least that seems to work most times for me.

Thanks for the replies guys. In the end I just bit the bullet and started a new project and it was fine, but I’ll try this workaround on the old project tomorrow. Hopefully this’ll get ironed out in the next update!