cant see HalionOne sounds

Hi all
I cant see any HalionOne presets after loading the instrument .
The preset dialog box appears but nothing ? :blush:
I just updated L to SL 10.6.7 & CB 5.5 to CB6 …
All runs remarkable smooth, just wondering where the HalionOne sounds are or how
can I get locate them …??
The Halion se & all other instruments seem to be fine ?

any idea’s,

Knowledge base, search for Halionone, first hit…

I could be wrong but think the place you suggested was not updated since Cubase 4…
then, I didnt really know what you meant anyways …
thanks anyways bro…

anybody? why HalionOne has a blank preset dialog box while all other synths are
good ? HalionSonic Se is good … etc


No really, if you log in to mysteinberg, click on knowledge base, enter Halionone in the search field (don’t bother entering platform/software) then the first item to show up is a guide to add the content back into the Halionone preset list, from 14.2-2011.


oh I see right… My bad bro, was looking in the wrong crate
CB chaps implemented HALionOne Sounds into the new HALion Sonic SE…
cool-) hehe
good on ye lads :laughing:
thanks man :ugeek:


For Cubase 6 we have implemented all HALion One Sounds into the new VSTi HALion Sonic SE. If you prefer to use the sounds with HALion One though, here is a description for Cubase 5 / Cubase Studio 5 / Cubase Essential 5 owners on how to install the VST Presets manually.


Copy the content of the folder: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase * 5\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALionOne
Place it here: C:\ProgramData\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALionOne
(Please note: The ProgramData folder is a hidden folder. If you can’t find the folder in the Explorer click → Organize / Folder & Search Options / View - and activate “Show hidden files, folders and drives”)


Right mouse click or CTRL + mouse click on your Cubase 5 / Cubase Studio 5 / Cubase Essential 5 application
Select “Show Package Content”
Go to: Contents / VST3 Presets / Steinberg Media Technologies / HALion One and copy the content of the HALion One folder
Go to: “Mac OS X System Partition / Library / Audio / Presets / Steinberg Media Technologies / HALion One”
Paste the files into the HALion One folder
Scanning VST Presets:

In some cases it might be necessary to rescan the HALion One VST Presets after the installation to make them accessible. To do so, please untick the little checkmark for HALionOne in the Preset Browser and check it afterwards again.

No worries!

I recon people these days have quite low expectations when it comes to FAQs, knowledge bases and such because most of them are so full of “Answers for dummies”. Steinberg actually does have some good info in there (thankfully).


For Cubase 6 we have implemented > all > HALion One Sounds into the new VSTi HALion Sonic SE.

Hi, I don’t seem to be able to find the HALion One sounds in the new HALion Sonic SE.
In particular, i’ve been looking for ‘slow movie strings’ and ‘cello slow’ for a project I been working on Cubase 4, so am I missing something? (apart from the sounds that is!)

I’ve also tried the instructions mentioned earlier about using the sounds in HALion One, but when I try to load a preset it just stops responding.

Could my problem be something to do with being a Cubase 4 user:

here is a description for > Cubase 5 > / Cubase Studio 5 / Cubase Essential 5 owners on how to install the VST Presets manually.

Also, my Cubase 4 is 32bit whereas now I’m trying to load the content in 64bit Cubase 6.


any ideas folks?

if not, can someone at least check if they have presets for ‘cello slow’ or ‘slow movie strings’ ?

HALionOne does not work for me neither. I click “Locate” within the VSTi, locate the banks however it does nothing e.g. no presets.


So I think I figured out what the issue was with getting HALion One to work in Cubase 6.
Basically, I dont think the VST bridge can handle it.
I uninstalled the HAL One I got with Cubase 4 (32 bit) and I installed the 64bit version of Cubase 4.
Then from the disc I loaded the 64bit version of HALion One.
Installed VST sound collection from the disc.
Then ran the 4.5.2 update for Cubase 4.
Result = Cubase 4 (64bit) working

I then tried Cubase 6 (64 bit) and HALion One now loads no problem.

But as for loading the sounds in HALion Sonic SE, I have no clue. I tried dumping the data in various folders none of which worked.
Though I can see why Steinberg want us to use this instead of HALionOne - the benefits of loading multiple sounds within one plugin is a no-brainer. I just can’t do it!

Looking in MediaBay:
HAL Sonic SE has 185 presets.
HAL One has over 600. :open_mouth:

Surely I’m missing something (either in my head or on my system)?
But I wanna keep using that slow cello in HAL One as it’s enough to make any grown man weep!

I can see all the HALionOne presets in HALion Sonic SE incl. “Cello slow” and “Slow movie strings” both in MediaBay and the VSTi itself (1067 HSSE presets in total).

Following the Steinberg FAQ I also managed to make original HALionOne (661) presets to be visible in Cubase 6 + “VST Sound Collection Vol. 1” + “VST Sound Instrument Set - Synthesizers”, in total 849 presets.

So now I am content (still, “locate” function in HALionOne does not work at all).

sounds good news, at least I know they SHOULD be available.
Personally I would prefer to use them in HAL Sonic.

Now deleting C6 and reinstalling again. Just noticed in Win Control Panel I have the 64bit HSSE installed, plus “HALion Sonic SE LE AI Elements Content” - size 122mb.
As I’m using the trial version (6.0.0) I wonder if this is a stripped down version?

ok, i’ve tried the re-install…

  • got Halion One working (following the instructions in the knowledge base). Basically you need the 64bit version.
  • HALion Sonic SE though still only showing 185 sounds (ie none of the H1 / VST sounds).

So I am now completely baffled. :confused:
Reasons for this could be:

  • The HSSE installer that comes with Cubase 6 Trial is a ‘Lite’ version (mine is called “HALion Sonic SE LE AI Elements Content”). Size 122mb.
  • The Cubase 6 Trial I am using is 6.0.0 and perhaps this issue was addressed in 6.0.1? Though I’ve looked through the pdf’s but not found anything yet.
  • There is an issue between upgrading from Cubase 4 to C6 that restricts HALion content. (Although the fact I have H1 working disproves this).
  • I am doing something completely wrong.

Anyone with other ideas?
Perhaps if somebody could confirm their HSSE content & size (in control panel) that might help.
The way I understand it is the HALionOne sounds are in HSSE regardless of having a previous Cubase version or not?

Have to say, apart from this I am absolutely digging Cubase 6!

If you want to use original HALionOne sounds in HALionOne VSTi (under Cubase 6) you need those presets (see the FAQ) to copy to “C:\ProgramData\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALionOne”. Then in C6 in MediaBay navigate to VST Sound → User content → VST3 Presets → Steinberg Media Technologies: there you should find subfolder HALionOne (if not, hit Rescan button).

Fresh installation of (full) Cubase 6 does not contain these presets and because “Locate” does not work, there is no other way how to make these visible within the HALionOne VSTi (to my knowledge).

Thanks Johnny, i’ve managed to get HALion One working in C6 following those instructions.

What is baffling me though is how I only have 185 presets in HSSE whereas yours reports 1067! :confused:

For example:
Cello Slow / Cello Duo - only available in HAL One
Slow Movie Strings - only available in HAL One
Fiddle [ethnic] - available to load in both HSSE and HAL One

If I could get those presets in HSSE there would be no need to use HALion One.

Any luck with this? I have the same issue. No presets in HALion One though there seem there’s good info on getting HAlionOne sorted, BUT I see no specific responses to getting the full suite of sounds available within Halion Sonic, which I’d prefer to use? I too wondered whether the trial version of C6 had limited HALion Sonic content? (I’m currently using the trial while waiting for the arrivel of the full version of C6).


Hi, :slight_smile:

I too only have 185 instruments in Hyper Sonic in the trial version of Cubase 6. The download site says the trial includes everything. So I’m not sure if it’s my installation that is wrong or the website, especially now that other people seem to have the same problem. Could anyone who’s downloaded the demo and upgraded clarify this? Thanks.


Hi, still had no joy with this.

I emailed Steinberg about this a week ago but haven’t received a response.


this is proving to not be an isolated case.

Yep, same deal here. Just downloaded trial of C6 today (for OS X 10.6) and immediately updated to 6.0.1. None of the old Halion One sounds are showing in Halion Sonic SE. The “Halion Sonic SE Common Presets Content” folder under VST Sound in Media Bay shows 185 sounds. Given that the downloaded installer for the trial version was only 1.6GB, is it safe to assume that much of the Halion Sonic SE content has been left out of the trial version?