Can't see more than one automation

Simply, I have volume and cutoff automation on my track (it’s a Halion 6 track), but I don’t seem to be able to see both at the same time. If I click on volume, I get a dropdown showing filter cutoff with an asterisk at hte top of the list; if I select that I see cutoff automation; but then the volume automation disappears. Very annoying … what am I doing wrong? Hoping I am doing something wrong and that this is not another bug.

I’ve tried the right click → Show Used Automation/ Selected Tracks etc etc either it all disappears or one automation appears. This is Cubase 11.0.41.


Add more Lanes


Hey raino
Thank you for the suggestion, but that “+” thing is missing. I would’ve spotted it if it were there.

I just looked at this video Getting Started with Automation | All You Need to Know about Automation - YouTube and when he does right click “show used automation” he sees multple automation lanes (as you’d expect); when I do it:

  • if before doing it the single automation lane is visible, after right clicking it it disappears entirely
  • if before doing it no automation lane is visible, after right clicking there is still no automation

Seems on the face of it to be yet another bug. I’m wondering if it’s related to the track being inside a folder (all my tracks are inside the same master folder).

I have just realised that there is a button there; but it only becomes visible if I hover over it. Is that intentional? Surely, it cannot be?

The “show used automation” still hides automation if automation is visible before being clicked; and refuses to show automation if automation is not visible before being clicked.

You doing something wrong… there is nothing wrong with this functionality on my side…
Did you really used the automation or just opened the lanes?

What do you mean I’m doing something wrong? Are you saying that I don’t know how to right click and select “show used automation”? I already said “Simply, I have volume and cutoff automation on my track”. What am I doing wrong?

But is there data on the automation lane? If there’s no data, using show used automation will close the lane. Write (record) some volume automation, cut-off, any parameter actually, just a tweak of the knob. Then “show used automation”. Any change?

Yes there is volume automation:

and cutoff automation:

The only thing that shows automation (other than putting it into Write Automation mode and twiddling something) is right click show automation, which shows one automation (volume automation).

What shows the automation panel?