Can't see my any of my custom layouts in the drop down layout list in Write or Engrave mode

Just a quick one. I can’t seem to be able to select the layout I’ve created for my percussion section. I tried a new full score layout then ticked the players, etc, then an instrumental part (ticked the players, flows again etc.)and finally a custom layout but after saving the file and reloading it doesn’t want to show up in the drop down list in write mode page view or galley. I assigned the layout to both the flows. The files were initially imported as xml’s then converted to Dorico projects if that makes any difference. Probably something obvious I’m missing. Wondering if there’s a simple trick which i’m overlooking. Cheers Simon

Perhaps you could post a Dorico file, even one or two measures of music with the rest cut out, so we can see how you have constructed your layouts. (These are layouts rather than Page Templates, right?)

So embarrassed. Show Tabs!!! Create a new one!!!Oh Dear. Got it sorted. So busy working on templates i don’t even really know how the basics work sometimes. Sorry Derrek! Cheers Simon.