Can't see my eLicenser listed in "My Steinberg" account

Hi guys,

After a while I tried to login to my account and noticed I cannot see my eLicenser being listed in My Steinberg account (as it used to be). I tried to add it by using “register elicenser” options, but i get the message eLicenser been already assigned to another user. I’m 99% certain i do not own another account at the mentioned service. Could you help me out with the issue? Thank you.


Hello Sebastian,

I checked the account tied to the e-mail you are using on the Forum, you have a USB-eLicenser there, perhaps just a glitch in the account.
I deleted the registration and re-added the dongle to your MySteinberg, can you see it now, please?
You have two accounts by the way, if you have further problems, please PM me I can consolidate the accounts if you want.

Kind regards,

Hi Fabio,

Thank you for getting back to me. Yes indeed, right now i have access to all my Steinberg licenses now, but because yesterday i moved all the content from the dongle i mentioned and i used to the new empty one and i hadn’t used along with updating licensing information using eLCC software. After whole operation i added new dongle to MySteinberg account without any glitch. However i’m still unsure what happened with the key i had assigned to the account previously and disappeared at some point (it wasn’t stolen, it wasn’t lent to anyone, i’ve been keeping it all the time on my desk). The only possible explanation i can think if is some glitch in database or unauthorized person who got access to my account.

Despite i have access to my licenses downloads i’m still worried what’s going on with my dongle i used so far and still can’t add to my account (just checked).

Could you please me contact via priv and i’ll provide you serial number of the both eLicensers i currently own?

Thank you,


Btw. could you tell me (on priv) what email address beside this one i’ve used for creating the profile at Steinberg’s forum is used for my other MySteinberg account? Unfortunately i’m newbie here i can’t send private messages :slight_smile:


Hi there, I’m sending you a PM in a minute.

Thank you for getting back to me on priv. Amazing support!