Can't SEE or EDIT the last "LIMIT" section of Channel Strip.

You can’t SEE or EDIT the last “LIMIT” section of the Channel Strip in console Mixer view.

Screen resolution and graphic card: ASUS NVIDIA GT640 2GB- HD 1920 X 1080. *latest driver
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Cubase PRO V8.0.5 x64

I can reproduce this over and over again. Also in Cubase PRO V8.0.0 x64

[1. Activate following settings in “Racks settings” in Mixer view.
-< Fixed number of slots
-< Link Racks to configurations
-< Show all Channel strip controls
-< Show One channel Strip Type

  1. Add any “limit” insert in the Strip Channel example the “Maximizer”

  2. Click to edit the inserted “Maximizer”

  3. As you can see the inserted Maximizer GUI disappears and you are not able to either edit or reach it directly from the mixer-view anymore. Only from the channel edit view- “e” view.

    Now go ahead and disable the option “-< Show One channel Strip Type” in “Racks settings”. If you do it will work again both showing the GUI of the “Maximizer” and you are also able to edit the “Maximizer” directly from mixer-view again.

    Best Regards

Still same issues in 8.0.10 maintenance update but now it works anyway!

So why have the “-< Show One channel Strip Type” option available? It has no purpose. :unamused: