Can't see SKI remote in Device

I have installed last cubase upgrate (7.5.20), bonjour service (activate it in msconfig) and SKI remote, but still don’t see SKI remote in my device list!
Please help, what cant be solution of this problem?

Hi Theodoraz,

did you check if “Steinberg Remote SKI” is available in Cubase under
Devices > Device Setup > plus sign in the top left corner?
For me it is the second entry.

no, it don’t. actually this is problem!


thanks for your reply. In this case bonjour is not required to have it show up since this concerns network discovery only.
Please reset your Cubase preferences.
If this does not help please reset your preferences again, then uninstall an reinstall the remote SKI.

If there are still issues work through the entire Cubase troubleshooting article below please:

All the best.