Can't seem to choose an Audio Click Output for Metronome

I am trying to get the metronome working in CuBase LE 13. I am in the Metronome Setup dialog. There is a drop-down menu for choosing Audio Click Outputs. When I use it, “Stereo Out” appears as the only option. But it seems to be greyed out and when I try to select it, it is not sticky and the drop-down returns to “Choose”. ???

(I get to the Metronome Setup dialog by clicking on Transport and then Metronome Setup… in the drop-down.)

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I think this is a bug… I have the same situation. Worse, even though I turn on both lead in and click sound, there is never a lead in when I hit play or record, and no sound at all. This worked fine in 12 for me… used the Steinberg click sound. So I have to assume this is a bug.

I, too, think that this is a bug. I even tried creating a “click track” using the Project>Signature Track>Render MIDI Click between Locators method and it did not create a sound, although it did create a MIDI track. So, I copied the MIDI track to a virtual instrument and assigned a drum set to it an got something to work. So, I suspect that somewhere in there updates they lost the sounds that they were trying to use. I’m using the current Cubase 13 Pro version.

Turns out the problem can be fixed by looking at Studio>Audio Connections>Control Room (Tab). In my system, even though I can hear the instruments that I’m playing, the Monitor 1 was showing no connections??? Once I set this to my Studio Driver I could hear my metronome.