can't seem to insert dotted vertical line - what am I doing wrong?

I presumed I would click on the dotted vertical line in the Lines menu at right under “Vertical”, then click in the score where I wanted it but no dice?

  • D.D.

Yes, that’s the ticket. Did you click on a note?

I think the sequence is click on the note, then click the desired line in the palette.

Wait - I just realized that it if I select a single note in a bass part and then click the dotted vertical line, it DOES appear, only it’s so tiny that it’s not clear it inserted it (though I can then extend it’s length in Properties). It seems like for things like dotted vertical lines it ought to be clearer that you’ve actually inserted something rather than having it default to the length of a single notehead but at least it’s there. However, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to insert a dotted vertical line similarly using my drum staff - no matter what I do, no vertical line appears (even a small one)…Also: you’d think that since I DID successfully create it for the bass part, that I could simply copy it to the drum part, but again this also does not work?

  • D.D.

It also works to select the line, then click on the note.

Neither approach is working for me with my Drumset staff in my score. Can anyone reproduce this issue? I am unable to: select a note on my drum staff, then select the dotted vertical line from the Lines menu and have it actually appear (or do it in reverse). Nothing appears (and if I try increasing the top or bottom position in properties, no line becomes visible either). Thanks!

  • D.D.

You can’t add vertical lines to five-line percussion kits, I’m afraid, because each of the notes is (under the hood) really on a different instrument, and Dorico can’t draw lines between notes on different instruments at the moment.

Ah. Hopefully this can be added in the future somehow? In the meantime, just curious if there’s a suggested workaround? I wanted to subdivide an 11/4 drum part to indicate 4 beats, dotted vertical line, 4 beats, dotted vertical line, and 3 beats…
Thanks -

  • D.D.

Really that should be something that can be done by way of the time signature, so that you can have the same dashed subdivisions as you would for an aggregate time signature, but without showing multiple time signatures at the start of the bar. However, you can add barlines manually to a drum set instrument, so have you considered doing that using the Shift+B popover?