Can't seem to open file in W11 Elements. Any ideas why?

I was using Wave Lab 11 Elements until recently and it was working fine. I was exporting projects from Cubase 12 Artist in there and playing with the sound. However, now I can’t open anything in there old or new exports in wav or mp3 format.

My computer was recently wiped and I had to set everything up again. It discouraged me from making music, but I have started to get back into it.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong, need to do or how to fix the issue would be appreciated.

Do you mean, WaveLab does not recognize these files?

yes. whereas in the past I could export and then edit I can not even see the sound wave. This is what I can see.

Gon the workspace menu, and reset the default layout.

Storing audio files on a cloud synced folder can lead to unexpected problems.

Thank you to both replies. I forgot to come back and thank PG1. It was the reset layout. Thank you.