Can't seem to rest!

Hi guys, today’s not my day!

While I try to get Dorico to play back sound again, will some clever bloke please take a look at the picture and teach me the magic how to get rid of those two rests marked in yellow.

I don’t understand why it is so difficult to hide objects in Dorico? :unamused:



Select the bar, Edit -> Remove Rests

What a great joke. :laughing: Hiding more or less anything is wonderfully easy in Dorico. :smiley:

GREAT! Didn’t know!


PLEASE enlighten me. I have ignored Dorico since February this year as I am vigorously working on the SA Navy Band’s new repertoire for this year on Sibelius, that also gave my all my days regarding registration issues. I regressed from Sibelius 8 back to version 7.5 with a refund.

Now I have a break to catch up on Dorico. Cannot wait until the end of June for ver. 1.1!

Gracias Signiory! :slight_smile:

It appears from your screen shot that you have a second voice starting on beat 4, the B eighth note stemmed down. If you click on that note and select “begins voice” that would also get rid of them. It is trying to account for that voice for the whole measure.