Can't seem to save automation assignments from session to session. GA4

Hi there.

I have been struggling with saving automation within GA4 since it launched. Maybe someone can shed some light.

If I load up a multi-program, and map automation to several pads, the automation is not saved when I save that multi-program and reload it later.

I’ll be more specific:
-I Load A Multi-Program, say Dreadlocks and Percussion under Reggae
-On the first orange pattern pad (Main 1) I assign a new automation to Intensity. This shows up in the Options-Automation Tab as Main 1.intensity.

  • I can change the kit to any other acoustic agent kit and that automation mapping remains the same and in the Automation list.
    -I then save the entire Multi-Program to a new name ‘GA Automation Test’.
    -If I reload that multi program in a new instance of Groove Agent…be it stand alone or in any daw… those mappings in the list disappear.

Without going into the depths of various steps I’ve tried…my first and foremost question question is this:

How do I assign automations within groove agent and recall them?

I have tried saving it to a multi-program, saving it to a specific agent/kit, saving to a pattern group. The bottom line is I can not recall automation mappings from instance of groove agent to another no matter what I seem to try. So the next question is:

If automation is not saved in the multi, the kit, the .vstpreset, or the pattern group…where is it saved?

What I am trying to accomplish with GA4 all halts at this specific issue. I can’t build instrument presets/racks/drum racks with mapped automation parameters, in any daw, because the said mappings disappear internally in Groove Agent.

The only way that those mappings get saved is within the entire project…in this case Ableton Live 10. If I map all of the automations in a set and recall the set they stay mapped. So they can be saved on some level…but the issue with that is I still need to remap the automations in each new project.

If someone could please help with this I would appreciate it. I did email Steinberg Support a few years ago…they got back and said they were very busy. That was that.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can sort this out.

On a similar issue…
The state of the ‘break’ button, for fills, does not appear to be savable…even session to session…or even duplicating the Groove Agent vst within the same session.

Can anyone replicate these actions to verify or show otherwise? I have had the same issue with two different laptops, two different versions of windows, two different versions/installations of GA4.

Still waiting for a response. Same results with a fresh install of windows. Can someone please address this issue.

FWIW automation bindings don’t stick here neither (GA4) unless saved with the host (Cubase or Studio One).

Well at least I’m not crazy :slight_smile: Let’s see if we can get someone to acknowledge or deal with the issue. The inability to save automation mappings internally severely impedes the workflow/useability of GA…at least in my case. If I can make little drag and drop groove agent presets in Live and or Studio One…it would be an incredibly powerful thing.

Do representatives of Steinberg monitor/respond to these forums?

Hardly ever.

I’ve just observed this problem with my testing of Groove Agent 5 as well … both MIDI learn assignments and host automation assignments seem to be saved with the host project (Cubase 10.5 in my case), as opposed to the kit/VST preset as I would prefer.

What if you want different automation protocols for different projects? Then changing one would change the other, ie, Gobal Settings would change settings for every project.

They key is to make templates/include Groove Agent and these automation assignments in that template.

Potentially, they could offer a default option.